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                                        ::: For Prospective Tenants :::

Do you have furnished apartments?
No, all of our apartments are unfurnished,but they do include a refrigerator and stove.   

I am interested in your apartments. How can I rent one?
Please contact our office by emailor phone to learn about our availability. We encourage you to set up a showingto see the apartments in person, but if this is not possible, please contact our office for an alternative.  The only way to reserve an apartment is tocomplete an application and pay the application fee ($35) and security deposit(one month’s rent).  

Howmuch is the security deposit?

The security deposit is a minimum ofone month’s rent.  

What is your lease term?
Our lease term is 1 year.  

What is the parking situation at your buildings?

Open lot parking is included for ourHawthorne Park apartments in Mayfield Heights. Garage parking is included for apartments in the 2708 Mayfield building in Cleveland Heights. All other buildings in Cleveland Heights have limited on site parking available for an extra cost ($40 - $50/month) in open outdoor spaces or garages at the building.  We have parking in the city lots for $115 / quarter available. 

                                             ::: For Current Tenants ::: 

How do I pay my rent payment every month?
We now offer online rent payments at https://rwa.rentmanager.com/CustomerLogin.aspx?corpID=areg&locationID=2 that uses ach / echeck for rent.    

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first day of the month and is considered late after the seventh of the month. 

When and who should I contact to put utilities in my name?

You should call to have utilitiesput in your name as soon as you sign your Lease to avoid an interruption ofservices. Give them your move-in date and you will not be charged untilthen. If you do not have a Social Security number, you will need to fillout a form provided by the utility company.  

Are pets allowed in my apartment?
No dogs are allowed in any of our apartments at any time. Cats (up to two) are allowed for an extra fee. You must contact the office and pay the pet fee prior to the cat(s) entering your apartment. There is a monthly fee of $50 per cat up two.

What should I do if I get locked out of my apartment?
If you are locked out of yourapartment during our office hours, we will do our best to meet you at theapartment. If you are locked-out after our business hours, you will needto call the Emergency Maintenance line to get in. You will be charged a lock out fee of $50.00 for afterhours lock outs.

What if I need to break my Lease?
While we are not happy when someone needs to break their lease, we understand that sometimes it is necessary. You must contact the office and present in writing your intentions to break your lease, explaining when you will be completely out of the apartment. Assuming we are able to re-rent the propertyright away and not lose any rent, we will only charge a $300 fee to break your lease agreement. Until the apartment is re-rented, you will be responsible forthe monthly rent. While we will advertise the apartment on our available list,it will be up to the tenant to show the apartment.  

Please note that subleasing is aviolation of your lease agreement.

What do I need to do to remove or add a roommate to my lease?
Your new roommate must fill out an application and be approved to reside in your apartment. You will be charged a $300 fee to alter the lease agreement.

How do I renew my lease?
You will receive a letter in the mail asking if you would like to renew approximately 60 days prior to yourlease expiration date. You will need to inform us if you plan to renew no laterthan 45 days prior to your lease expiration date. If you do not inform us of yourplans to move, we will assume that you are renewing. 

When will I receive my Security DepositRefund?
The landlord has 30 days to return your Security Deposit. However, we normally send it out a couple of weeks after you vacate your apartment.

What do I do if I have a maintenance request?
If you have a maintenance request,please call or email us and be sure to include your address, including unit number, your phone number, and a brief description of what the problem is.  We will do our best to respond in a prompt fashion. We will enter your apartment to fix this problem whether you are home or not.  

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